Location:    Nepal


The international community is providing considerable financial resources to Nepal for humanitarian aid and sustainable development. Much of these resources are being provided through bi-lateral aid programs, NGOs and public sector International Funding Organizations like The World Bank, The European Commission, Asian Development Bank and several public and private donor etc.

Not-For-Profit organizations and NGO/INGOs have their own distinguishing characteristics. Resources are often limited and restricted to prescribed purposes, but the operations of Not-For-Profit organizations must remain simplified yet efficient. There is a growing demand for improved management and accountability at all levels. We have experience working with development institutions to help them achieve their operational objectives.

We are well-established, independent business in our market places and have expert knowledge of local business practices, laws and customs. By bringing together our local and international network, we are able to provide quality services to NGOs, International Funding Organizations and bi-lateral aid programs.

The services that we provide in this area mostly relate to:

  • Audits of financial statements, internal and external
  • Assistance with budget preparation
  • Overhead expenditure budgeting systems
  • Cost determination
  • Capacity assessment of partners and capacity building
  • Preparation of manuals and policies
  • Developing internal control system
  • Review of accounting systems
  • Employment & Expat Tax calculation

The not-for-profit sector is an important aspect of our business, and we are continually developing and training our professional staff in order to build on the depth and quality of the valuable services that we offer to our not-for-profit clients.