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Sucession Planning- Key Findings in Global Survey

Sucession Planning- Key Findings in Global Survey

Succession planning is a key issue for many family- and privately-owned businesses who are focused on building, retaining and passing on their wealth to the next generation, and leaving a lasting legacy. It involves recognizing and coming to grips with many … [Read more...]

Is your audit committee effective?

Is your audit committee effective?

An effective audit committee is a cornerstone of good governance. Since enactment of Company Act 2063, most of the public limited companies now have audit committees. But are you using audit committees as effectively as you could? In our scenario, it is … [Read more...]

Banking Fraud- where were the auditors?

The banking sector has seen NRB taking control over several problematic banks in past and recent times, including decisions of liquidation.  Conflicts within management, related party transactions and credit issues are increasingly coming into news which are … [Read more...]

Tax Compliance for NGO and INGO

 IRD came up with clarified provisions for Not-for-Profit sector (NGO and INGO) though its Income Tax Directives 2066. INGOs, bilateral agencies and other organizations who make payment to tax exempt organizations (TEO) now have additional responsibility to … [Read more...]

Be sure on your tax deductions…check these tips

When it comes to calculating your tax deductible expenses, there are plenty of reasons for you to panic. In the first sight Nepalese tax law may not appear too complex or large to be grasped by any professional; however there are ambiguities in tax law that … [Read more...]

Foreign Permanent Establishments

The concept of Foreign Permanent Establishments (FPE) is relatively new in Nepalese context. Though Income Tax Act 2058 introduced it more than 6 years back, the provision is yet to be properly explained and implemented. Here we try to explain what FPE means, … [Read more...]